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Consultancy Services

Let us help you with your workforce development needs. The ever-changing workplace environment and technological advancements, coupled with business needing to be risk-averse, requires regular review of your workforce capabilities.

We can assist you to establish and review current needs and plan for future skilling and capability through the following services or combinations of services;


Verification of Competencies

Industry regulations require employers and ‘persons conducting a business undertaking’ (PCBU) to ensure their workers can demonstrate the required competency to perform the tasks related to working with plant. Verification of Competency (VOC) is a method of assessment that can be used to demonstrate the worker’s ability to operate equipment and/or undertake the responsibilities of these roles.

RAPAD Skilling offers a complete VOC service on your work site with minimal disruption to your work productivity and performance. VOC assessments are completed through the work activity observations and are used to ensure your staff can operate equipment competently and safely.

We do it all - the mapping, assessment and documented matrix outcomes. These processes and tools will support your risk management and employer mitigation plans.

We offer a wide range of VOC services covering key areas of risk:

  • Height Safety

  • Confined Space

  • Work Health and Safety

  • RII Competencies (Plant and Road Construction and Maintenance)

  • High-Risk Work Licenses


Workforce Development Planning

Our Workforce Development Planning Services are innovative, responsive and cost-effective.

Our approach is collaborative, and we create solutions that are practical and address issues of competency, capability and capacity of your workforce.

What we do:

  • Explore the challenge through consultation with leaders, managers, and influencers of your business to determine options for responding to challenges.

  • Create some innovative options and recommendations which may include; mentoring, training needs analysis, leadership programs, benchmarking job roles with national competency standards, professional development planning, succession planning and training, upskilling and recognition skills plans.

  • The solutions to your workforce development are captured and presented in a clear and concise plan ready for RAPAD Skilling to assist with implementation.


Workplace Professional Development

What is professional development in the workplace?

Activities that contribute to an employee’s growth and development and may include:

  • Skills-based training

  • Mentoring

  • Shadowing

  • Assigning a research project or work task

  • Journal and professional body registrations

  • Webinars

  • Workshops in-house

Why is professional development in the workplace important?

  • Recognising skills & achieved builds confidence

  • Allows leaders to further develop

  • Contributes to succession planning and workforce development

  • Increases and broadens skills levels

  • Encourages individuals to reach their personal and professional best

  • Improves business productivity and growth

  • Best return on investment!

  • Builds a positive learning culture


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